An Effective Bodybuilding Program For Women Over 40

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The exercises can be done at home, and the author explains them step by step so that anyone can practice them correctly. Because, in general, people of a certain age are afraid of using weights, Kriss Brooks also shows the readers how to train safely with them and how to prevent any form of injury. The Options Strength Fitness Program can be followed by anyone, and the exercises start with the beginner level. Another important aspect the author has taken care of in her guide is related to the barriers people have when it comes to physical exercise. Theres that voice that whispers in your head you cant do it, its too late for bodybuilding exercises, or why bother. This book will help you identify these practical and emotional barriers and eliminate them one by one. After all, the first step to becoming the person you want to become is to change your perspective on age and the physical exercises you can practice. There is no such thing as too late for bodybuilding, because we all deserve to have a strong body no matter how old we are. Strength Is Ageless is also full of uplifting and inspirational stories of women who have defied age and illness, and achieved the body and physical strength they Max Workouts video wanted.


Whole Foods Launches Healthy Living Program For Businesses

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Spoon project, which Whole Foods launched out of its Emeryville offices, offers cooking classes from a mobile kitchen, healthy living workshops, nutrition education, boot camps and exercise apps Max Workouts to businesses that want to encourage a healthier workplace. The grocer says Full Spoon helps employees develop better eating and exercise habits which can improve productivity at work. Full Spoon is available only (source) in Northern California and Reno, and companies that join the program get 20 percent off Whole Foods groceries. Contact Heather Somerville at 510-208-6413. Follow her at .